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KOLAM ART  -  Traditional and Contemporary   Grace Gitadelila   56 blz.-full colour    ISBN 9789083252513  


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About KOLAM ART from Grace Gitadeliula:

This book takes you on a Pictorial narrative journey of 25 different types of Kolam structures. - You get to see each Kolam type in its abstract pure form and then embedded in a narrative painted realm. These Contemporary, Kolam inspired paintings are supported by abstract poem-like sentences to give the reader a deeper understanding of their narrative and their healing qualities.

You can trace with index each and every Kolam type, draw, copy and find deeper inspiration in how to connect to the Earth realm we live in.

A tribute to the beauty that surrounds us, is within us, to behold and celebrate.

Grace Gitadelila learnt the Kolam 'Language from her mother Lisa Borstlap, founder of Genezend tekenen, kunst educatie 'De Kolam' and many Tamil women she encountered growing up and still living in Tamil-Nadu South India. She graduated as an Art Therapist specializing in being Kolam Practitioner, guardian keeper and researcher of the Kolam its ancient, traditional and contemporary workings as a pictorial Language. Always eager to learn and share her findings led her to create this first sharing in publishing this book.


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